Clitheroe | Lancashire Recording Studio

Clitheroe | Lancashire Recording Studio

Here’s the info on SSOUND’s Clitheroe | Lancashire Recording Studio.

Whether you’re looking to record high quality radio ready vocals, or record your full band playing ‘as live’, our Ribble Valley recording studio in Clitheroe is an inspirational setting.

The studio features Pro Tools HD 11 and pre amps from Neve, Yamaha, and Audient, and analogue outboard hardware from Avalon and Drawmer.

You can book a qualified & experienced engineer + recording studio, from as little as £20 per hour. So get in touch with us about your music project.

For anything from;

  • Studio recording as live,
  • Stem recording only,
  • Overdubs,
  • The mix of stems recorded elsewhere,
  • Or the full creative works with us on singles, LPs or albums,

Contact Steve Thompson, (, for our best priced estimation.

Clitheroe | Lancashire Recording Studio: Recent Recordings

Here’s The Smoking Aces, who recently recorded in an ‘as-live’ session with SSOUND:

Vocalist Katie Stelfox also recently recorded in our Clitheroe | Lancashire Recording Studio;

Audio engineer Steve Thompson has also recorded Manchester band, Automatic Splash;

Clitheroe | Lancashire Recording Studio: Facilities

The studio is made up of three separate spaces. Firstly, there’s a mix room with a range of monitoring, so that audio engineer Steve Thompson can accurately balance music…

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The studio has a separate machine room. All of the fan driven equipment lives here, meaning the mix suite, (pictured above) is exceedingly quite.

clitheroe recording studio

The Lancashire recording studio in Clitheroe includes a hall-type live space, with a 6m high ceiling and an enriching natural acoustic…

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Plus, SSOUND’s Clitheroe | Lancashire Recording Studio also has a second, more acoustic controlled live room. This room is capable of up to 5 independent foldback mixes. Everyone hears exactly what they need in order to perform their best…
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 Steve Thompson Sound Engineer Working With The Smoking Aces

Audio Engineer Steve Thompson Takes Much Pride In Being A Quality Guy To Work With

Over the past 3 years, sound engineer Steve Thompson has enjoyed working with a range of artistes, from vocal harmony groups, to indie and Rock n Roll bands…

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manchester sound engineer steve thompson, manchester audio engineer










 An Inspirational Place To Make Music

The Clitheroe | Lancashire Recording Studio is set in a beautiful location. Isolated from the sounds of the rest of the world, you can focus on doing what you love. Here’s the view from the studio window.

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Residential Recording Studio In Lancashire

Residential packages are available when booking the studio, for up to 6 people. Contact sound engineer Steve Thompson for full details.


 Clitheroe Recording Studio – Audio Examples


Here are some further samples of music that Steve Thompson has recorded and produced;

Solo Vocalist

  •     Natalie Bailey, Over The Rainbow

Music For Media (Radio trails, Jingles and Commercials)

  •     Salford City Radio Ramp And Sung Jingle
  •     Steve Thompson - Progressive Piano Dance Instrumental
  •     Steve Thompson - Nu Disco Instrumental Track 1
  •     Steve Thompson - Nu Disco Instrumental Track 2
  •     Pop / Funky Instrumental
  •     Piano Dance Instrumental
  •     Pop Promo Instrumental

Pop & Rap

  •     Lover Like You, Chase Blake


  •     Dunnow Feat. Grace Love, Get Here
  •     Steve Thompson - Pop Funky Instrumental 2015

Indie, Rock n Roll, Bands Recorded Playing All Together ‘As-Live’

  •     Majesticks, Standing In The Way Of Control
  •     The Smoking Aces
  •     Blues Trio

Cinematic & Action

  •     Strings Action Drama Instrumental