Event Sound Recording In Manchester and Lancashire

Event Sound Recording In Manchester and Lancashire

Sound engineer Steve Thompson provides event sound recording in Manchester and Lancashire.

His Manchester sound company takes empty venues, and provides a full range of professional audio services including;

  • Wireless microphones (handheld, headset or lavallière),
  • Stage monitoring for the presenters | act or panel,
  • P.A. system,
  • Wireless links,
  • Live online audio streaming,
  • High Definition Multitrack recording.

Recent Multitrack Event Sound Recording

What Constitutes ‘Professional Live Sound’?

‘Can you hear at the back?’.
Of course making sure people can hear anywhere in the audience is one aspect of professional live sound: but you can expect that as standard with any of my live audio services. With live dialogue events, the message and / or the storytelling is key. I’ve spent the last number years really refining my audio craft skills to ensure that nothing about the technology of the sound, gets in the way of a believable – human sounding message.

Live Sound - PA Hire For Presentation 2

I arrive well in advance of the start of your event, to ensure that the sound system is extensively tested, and that any problematic frequencies which are likely to either feedback, or distract from the message, or removed.

I only use broadcast industry recognised equipment, with extremely low noise, and high resilience to inference. As an example, I extensively check local UHF available frequencies when using wireless microphone systems, in order to avoid any interruptions to service. The goal is perfectly clear sound: no dropouts.

My experience working both directly for the BBC, and independently for a number of high expectations clients, puts me in a great position to advise new customers on how to accomplish the highest quality sound for their event, both live within the room, live online streaming, and also on record.

Give Your Live Event A Legacy Through SSOUND

On demand listening is more popular and easier than ever. Make your event available to listen back to by having it recorded in high quality. I ensure the presenter & panel mics are crisp and clear. I also add stereo audience atmosphere mics into the mix, to give listeners a true sense of being at your event live.

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