PA Hire Manchester | Lancashire

PA Hire Manchester | Lancashire

For PA Hire Manchester, Lancashire and the Northwest, SSOUND is a professional choice for sound equipment hire. We have a range of sound systems for hire. You can select the PA system which suits your budget, venue and audience requirements.

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We’ve provided sound for a range of live events, including;

  • Talks from British Paralympic Association representatives,


  • The BBC,


  • Spiritual and worship groups (including Bhakti Marga),


  • Youth theatre, (including Stage Coach Macclesfield),


  • And for large business, (including Omnicell).

(References are available from Lucy Maher [Omnicell] on 0161 413 5316, and Sharon Minta, [Head Of Sixthform At Bridgewater School 0161 794 1463].


There’s real sound design involved in how we set up P.A. systems for speech based events. Of course, you can expect there to be no feedback at all between microphone and loudspeakers. And of course, you can expect to be able to hear the person speaking at the back of the room. But more than that, BBC trained live sound engineer Steve Thompsonis skilled in setting up P.A. systems which sound natural. Where appropriate, especially for key note speeches, he can create an intimacy between the guest speaker and the audience: as if there were no loudspeakers, yet the guest is loud enough at the back for all the audience to feel connected to the message. f you’ve got a meeting or key note speech that requires sound reinforcement, please see more details at


Speaker Hire | Band PA | Wedding PA |  Disco PA Hire In Manchester


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Hire our Mackie SRM450v3 system. Qualified Manchester sound engineer Steve Thompson has carried out extensive research into this system. For its budget conscious price, this P.A. system offers a good degree of pattern control over dispersion, concentrating more acoustic energy on the audience as oppose to the walls ceiling and floor. Being actively amplified (self-powering), a single unit could be used independently for smaller functions, for example speeches at a wedding. Active loudspeakers are also a practical choice when setting up distributed | delay-fill systems in larger venues. Prices for two speaker sound system hire in Manchester | Lancashire with SSOUND start from just £80 including delivery *.

Beware of some budget system offers which you may see online! It is through experience, that Manchester sound engineer Steve Thompson knowns the Mackie SRM450v3 to be a reliable budget loudspeaker hire choice. Trust us: if your event matters , then it is very rarely sensible to go with a cheaper brand!


Save Money

Save money by hiring an experienced DJ in Manchester along with this sound system, as part of a package. Our sister company Popular Parties offer djs in Salford, Ribble Valley and across Lancashire.

* subject to the venue being no more than 15 miles driving distance from our office in Salford, M7.




PA Hire For Musicians | PA Hire For Conferences | Public Address System Hire In Manchester


Public Address System Hire In Manchester, PA Hire For Musicians, PA hire for conferences Hire one of SSOUND’s Bose L1 Model II systems. The Model II is an interesting one, its 195° nominal dispersion gives just about the widest dispersion on offer from a single instance of a loudspeaker. It is designed for the musician / host / act to perform with the system behind them, in which case it can also act as an on stage monitoring system. It’s very much a different way of working, with advantages including;

– Portability (when used behind a performer, it saves on the set up of independent fold-back / stage monitoring).

– Its wide pattern control over dispersion means a single unit could be used to cover a wide venue with suitably even level and frequency coverage. (Although the appropriateness of using just a single unit does depend on sound pressure level [S.P.L] requirements).

This loudspeaker system takes some advantage of line array placement of drivers, reducing acoustic energy travelling upwards towards the ceiling: which is good, seeing that this is not where listeners tend to be! With less sound excitation of the ceiling, reverberation is reduced and a more intelligible sound results.

During extensive comparison measurements made by Manchester sound engineer Steve Thompson, this system maintained S.P.L over greater distance than the conventional point source systems tested, (including the Mackie SRM450v3 seen above).



Festival Sound System Hire Manchester | Top Quality PA System Hire


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For touring sound hire in Manchester, SSOUND’s d&b Audiotechnik Y7p system offers serious output, and extremely good pattern control over dispersion. d&b are one of the most highly regarded loudspeaker system brands in the business, with their loudspeakers and amplifiers being trusted by some of the biggest events in live sound. This really is a professional’s choice, highly engineered system with a great degree of technical consideration.







Live Audio Engineer In Manchester | Lancashire

Hire a qualified, experience live audio engineer with your PA system in Manchester | Lancashire.

Hopefully you’re here because you know that getting live sound right matters. If it helps, SSOUND’s Steve Thompson can attend your event and take care of all sound responsibilities. Also working freelance to BBC national radio, Steve has a background of providing audio technical coordination and support for live events.

For further details of the pa hire services we provide, see the website dedicated to it: